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IT Asset tracking

RFID IT asset management is gaining its popularity by helping organizations improve asset visibility, achieve regulatory compliance , speed up auditing procedure and reduce cost. RFTrail’s IT asset management solution utilizes Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to eliminate issues inherent in outdated IT asset management system, such as inaccurate inventoryinformation, wasted resources and compliance issues. 

RFTrail’s RFID IT asset managemet solution is proven to:

  • Greatly improve asset visibility in data centers, offices, product development and testing labs and other places
  • Speed up auditing procedure
  • Stay compliant for all required reporting SOX 
  • Improve accuracy in finding missing assets
  • Reduce costs associated with locating and counting IT assets
  • Strengthen security for assets

The features of RFTrail’s IT assets management software are:

Visibility of assets: RFID sensors located at doorways, exits and offices automatically track assets and supplies as they are moved and add the tracking events to Asset History. Greater visibility provides more accurate information for improving asset utilization while discouraging unauthorized movement. It also prevents unnecessary duplication in asset inventory.

Regulatory Compliance: RFTrail Asset Manager for IT Assets ensures asset compliance in highly-regulated environments. Asset counts are completed in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods and audit discrepancy reports provide help to reconciliation and accountability.

Faster & More Accurate Auditing: RFTrail Asset Manager helps automate auditing process and cut audit time by more than 85%. No more valuable time wasted searching for serial numbers of assets at the bottom of server racks.

Reduced costs -  “Passive” RFID technology standards have resulted in significant cost reductions in RFID readers and tags as well as improved  tracking performance. With current passive asset tag costs between 35 cents and $5 a tag, compared to over $50 a tag for RTLS system tags, there’s no need to limit your organization to tracking just a portion of your assets due to high costs RFTrail provides complete cost-effective solutions using passive RFID to easily track all of your valuable assets and get real-time visibility to a wider range of your asset and critical supply items..

Loss Prevention – You can secure exits with RFTrail’ s SmartAlarm, a combination of software and hardware that helps prevent unauthorized removal of valuable assets. E-mails, lights, or alarms to alert staff can be used for notifications when specific types of assets approach a secured exit. It provides organizations gain greater control of assets.

The RFID SmartMobile provides portable, wireless functionality for auditing and tracking.
The SmartAlarm provides perimeter control to prevent loss.
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