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RFTrail Unified Asset Management

Complete your enterprise asset management system with RFTrail's Unified Asset Management solution. This robust and scalable system has the ability to serve a large number of company locations and is configurable to track and manage all types of asset classes for heightened business intelligence and awareness of assets.

RFTrail Enterprise Unified Asset Management solution simplifies business processes by managing all asset classes within a single comprehensive solution that  delivers business intelligence and asset allocation and awareness. Its user-friendly interface lets users in different departments and divisions view the status, location and history of assets. Easy-to-use tools let users add new assets, retire assets or change the status of assets, while everything from management visibility to asset information is greatly improved.

Unifying the management of your assets has never been easier with RFTrail's extensive capability to track and manage assets spanning from general corporate, IT equipment, tools, historical assets, high value assets, samples and more. 

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